Guys at Work

I dont understand why so many of the men I work with put up with being married to women who treat them like crap.

Its fathers day weekend so obviously time to celebrate right?  No most of the guys lamented how it would turn into a way for their wives / gfs to be pissed at them.  Or for the women to do something for themselves.  What happens when women get married and have kids that they think they at that point have a free pass to treat a man like shit forever?

And why do men stay and put up with this?  I get not wanting to lose your kids, but guys is your identity so hung up on being needed by a woman and being the man and proving to everyone that you can take care of a family that you stay?  I dont get the anthem of the broken guy in his 40s-50s convinced he wont ever do any better.

Why do you let these women control and destroy your lives?